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Holiday decor is pretty common twice a year, Christmas and Halloween. But if you enjoy decorating for either of those holidays why not expand your repertoire and decorate more often? It is fun to be festive. Why not put up strings of red, white and blue lights for the 4th of July? How about hanging Easter Eggs from a tree in the Spring?

Maybe you are thinking less of a front yard display and more of a backyard theme for the enjoyment of you and your guests, for a party or just seasonal decor. We have all kinds of ideas to share, take a look.

Plus, make your decorations do double duty. For instance, our Winter Holiday Ferris Wheel with elves and other festive riders looks pretty spooky repurposed for Halloween with purple and orange lights and Dracula, the Mummy and Werewolf riding round and round.

Check out each of our holiday sections for ideas on decor. Don't be afraid to take an idea from one holiday and make it work for another. For even more ideas check out our party theme section.

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