How To Build Props and Displays

We are using the term "props" to refer to just about everything that is used in a show, display, party or any other project that is something that your audience will focus upon. Props differ from scenery in that props are often the focus of your audience's attention and in many cases may be something that can be picked up or moved around. Alternatively, scenery is usually larger, not so easily moved and tends to provide a background for your show or display. In the entertainment industry, a prop, or property, is generally defined as something that is handled during the show. Otherwise, it is usually a set decoration or scenery. For our purposes though, we will use the term to refer to any object that you use that isn't otherwise a "decoration". This section focuses mainly on "static props", or props that don't move. We have another section that focuses on animated, moving props.

There are a lot of ways to create various props. We focus here on making props using common materials that are readily available. We also focus on making a prop as inexpensively as possible. That often means the prop may not be the best possible design. Durability and appearance often suffer when doing a prop on a budget. Fortunately though, excellent results can still be achieved, even if you do it on the cheap. One other thing we take into consideration is disposal. Some props can create quite a burden to dispose of, so we try to select a design and materials that minimize the burden of disposing of a prop when you are done with it.

In all of our project ideas, we show you how we built our version. That doesn't mean it is the best possible design. Our guides are offered as inspiration, feel free to modify and improve on our work. If you do, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us about your projects and if you like we can share them with all of our readers.

Plasma Rifle
Evil Eyes in a Wig Head

Evil Eyes (LED)