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Create a Creepy Spider Web Drape

Create a very creepy effect by stringing thread over the heads of unsuspecting visitors. Walking through threads hanging down feels just like walking through spider webs.

The idea is simple enough, drape thread over the heads of people where those people will pass under them. The trick is securing the threads so they won't pull out and to make sure people won't go around them.

The thread to use should be very lightweight so that it has the right feel as it slides over the person's face. However, you should use a thread that won't break if it gets snagged on a psserby and that visitors don't deliberately tug on or break the threads. Ideally black polyester size 69 thread used for upholstery.

Hang threads from a dowel and tape them in place

The speedy way to roll out thread across the length of dowel or pipe is to set up two dowls about six feet apart and then wrap the thread around the two dowels repeatedly. Spread the threads out so there are several strands every inch. Once you have rolled out enough thread to cover the pipe from end to end, use duct tape to secure the threads in place along the length of the dowel. Once secured, simply cut through the other end that will hang down. Threads will be held securely by the duct tape and because every strand is roughly 12 feet long, by virtue of hanging over both sides of the dowel, it will be difficult for a strand to be pulled free.

Mount the dowel over a doorway or over a pathway such as a sidewalk to ensure that people walk through the "cob webs". Mount the dowel at least 7 feet high so people don't trip on the threads.

Materials List for Spooky Spider Webs

  • Wooden dowel or section of pipe

  • Heavy duty polyester thread (Size 69 is ideal) in a dark color

  • Duct tape



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